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Botanical Brewing Taproom - Cape Coral
Good Vibes on tap
Music, Munchies & More


We’re all about the good vibe and best brews at Botanical Brewing Taproom, and zero about the alcohol. Whether it's a chill session in one of our egg chairs, a few hours of pool or yoga, a day of remote work, or a full-on party night, you’ll get the plant buzz without the booze. It's the place to be for anyone looking who wants to find their tribe and hang out.

Sober, Yet Spirited

Be a part of something bigger. Our mission goes beyond serving drinks – it's about creating a movement. A movement that champions the joy of socializing without relying on alcohol. It’s about making conscious choices without missing out on the fun. We're not just a taproom; we're a lifestyle. A lifestyle that’s all about embracing every moment, sober, yet spirited.

Hangover- Free

Our exclusive plant-based brews are changing the way we socialize. From a euphoric Delta-9 to the earthy tones of kava, each sip is a journey through ancient herbs, reimagined with a modern twist. Be among the first to experience kanna – the newest star on our menu. Whether you’re sober-curious or a trendsetter, our various kanna drinks are a must-try. Our award-winning brewery is in the back of the bar, so it’s not unusual to see our master brewers running around.

Live Music

Our Taproom is more than just a place to drink; it's a cultural hub. With local treats and chips to fuel your conversations, multiple weekly events (from open mic to corn hole) that keep your week interesting, and new brews to keep your taste buds happy, every visit is a new adventure. At Botanical Brewing Taproom, you can get elixirs, kava, kratom, and kanna on tap or in mixed drinks. We also have a full coffee bar for your fav morning lattes and teas,  and a kids menu!

A Space for Everyone

The Botanical Brewing Taproom isn’t just another spot; it's a tribe. Whether you're with your friends, family, or are flying solo, our doors are open for all. We celebrate diversity and inclusivity, making sure everyone feels at home. It's the ultimate gathering place for those who appreciate a good time without the constraints of alcohol.

Grab a Can To Go

Headed to the beach or want a 12-pack for your next get-together? We’ve got cans so you can take your favorite brews wherever you go.

Our Events

Open Daily 7am to 2am

Happy hour 2pm to 5pm

Military discount 10%