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CAT 5 Elixir Blend

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Our CAT 5 sparkling elixir is a double-strength blend of white, green, and red elixir.  It hits with the force of a SWFL hurricane in both effects and fruity flavor.

This brew is handcrafted in Cape Coral, FL and is not to be underestimated. Discover the wave of calm, joy and heightened well-being.  This fruity blend presents a Category 5 intensity of flavor - which no dangerous hangover in it's wake.

Implementation From Tragedy:  We created this fierce beverage after 7 feet of water destroyed our Fort Myers Beach bar during Hurricane Ian.  Much like the DOUBLE strength and resilience we;ve seen in our SWFL community since Ian's devastation, the kava community thrives, and our FMB kava bar will be restored. 

Kratom is a tea leaf from Southeast Asia with deep roots in Chinese and South Asian medicine. This immune-boosting miracle plant is brewed into teas and provides relief for countless symptoms.